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I'm based near Royal Ascot, Berkshire, and the numerous horse stables, polo lawns, and horse stud farms nearby; but I'm available for horse photographic commissions anywhere in the UK - and abroad. There are no travel costs within a 20 mile radius of where I live, and a charge of £1 per mile for journeys outside that radius.

I charge £100 per hour when I'm photographing horses or equine events onsite. Post production time is £50 per hour. As a rule of hoof, for every hour I spend taking photographs, another two hours on the computer are required. So a one hour booking is £200 all in*.

In one hour of horse photography, I'd expect to have around 50 photographs of your horse, horses, or equine event.

If we agree, say, a two hour booking of horse photography but it runs on to three or more hours, that will usually be OK unless circumstanced prevent it. 

The horse photographs or photographs of your equine event would be made available to you as hi-res digital files (jpeg, tiff - as you wish) on a memory stick. This will happen within one week of the horse photography shoot - barring unforeseen events! I can produce A4 or A3 prints as needed - or you can print the photographs yourself. 

*Copyright to the horse photographs belongs to you once the full equine photographic commission fee has been paid. I charge 50% of the fee upfront. The rest is due when the photographs of your horse, horses, or equine event are delivered by me digitally to you. 

I may ask for use of some of the photographs for my folio if possible.

Please get in touch to discuss your horse photography needs. . .

Nick Green

Tel/WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal: UK 07973 698736

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